Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to add a sound card to a KVM guest?

I have a windows Xp virtual machine running in my laptop on top of Fedora 10 KVM. One day I accidentally deleted the sound card from virt-manager -> Hardware tab for that guest. I then understood my mistake and tried to add it via "Add Hardware" wizard. To my dismay, there was no option to add a sound card.

Then how did I add the sound card back to the guest?

- I did "virsh dumpxml anotherguest" which has sound card attached to it and was able to see the below line in the output.

sound model='es1370'

- I then did "virsh dumpxml xp" and was not able to see the above line in it. So fixing this is as simple as adding the above line to winxp configuration file.

How to do that?

- Dump the xml file to a file in the disk.

# virsh dumpxml xp > xp.xml

- Edit the xp.xml and add the below line to it.

sound model='es1370'

I added this immediately before the "devices" line.

- Then redefine the guest using the new configuration file.

# virsh define xp.xml

Restart the guest and the network card would be present in the guest. Hope we can add the sound card in F11 through virt-manager GUI.

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