Friday, October 17, 2008

How to install a fully virtualized guest using multiple cds which requires cdrom media change during installation?

RHEL3 and RHEL4 till U6 comes in multiple cds. With RHEL-5.2, a fully virtualized guest can be installed using these multiple cds. CD change is possible whenever requested by anaconda. Steps are similiare to the methods we follow in Vmware. Below are the steps.

- Start the installation of the Fully virtualized guest from the first CD, as usual from virt-manager.

- When anaconda requests to change the cd and insert 2nd cd, please do the following.

- On the virt-manager console click View -> Details -> Hardware -> Select "Disk hdc" (the one with the cdrom icon in the right side) -> Click "Disconnect" in the right side-> The button would change to "Connect". Click "Connect" -> Select the 2nd cd from the Brwose list and click OK -> Click "OK" in the disk change window from anaconda.

This should work fine and the installation would resume from the second cd. Follow the same steps for all cds till installation is finished. The same steps would work for windows guests as well if a media change is required.

Note: You may need to edit /etc/xen/guest configuration file and change,

boot = "d"


boot = "c"

to properly start the guest after the installation is finished.

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